Tanya's Top Ten Tunes #1.

This is my first playlist. Isn't that exciting? It's like i'm opening up the next chapter of the Tanya book because I rarely tell anyone what i've been listening to as there is a bond between me and my music. Maybe i'm getting excited for the Spring/Summer so the music i've been listening to has been quite upbeat and fun but I have to say I like an eclectic style of music. Genre of music doesn't matter. It just depends whether or not they give me an eargasm :-).

Sorry but the last one I simply couldn't resist. If you haven't seen the viral video on Youtube yet then you must definitely check it out. Some dance moves are just revolutionary and are flash mob material. Hope you enjoyed knowing me better. :-)


  1. Hello there! Stumbled across your blog and now following it. Thought I would say hi :) I love the about you part of your profile. I'm 25 and still haven't got my life figured out yet so definitely don't stress about it hehe. Looking forward to reading your future posts. Going to listen to all these songs now - great idea.

  2. Love your taste in music!

  3. Wow, we're like music soulmates ^_____^ <3 this is so great


  4. This is a great idea, i'm always looking for new songs to listen or download xx

  5. Our music tastes are IDENTICAL. Immediately followed after reading this :) love your blog x

  6. Great music compilation! Thanks for sharing!