I Bags This Bag!

Hello! My holidays have almost come and gone and I have not blogged half the amount that I've wanted to so I apologise for my MIAness again. I have some blogposts lined up so prepare to be bombarded with my random babble. 
Ain't she a beaut? She's one of a kind (AND JUST MINE!). I have been wanting this bag ever since I've laid my eyes on it, but let's be honest who doesn't want this bag? It is a classic, perfect for all occasions and on top of everything, it's handmade! What is this bag I speak of? It's the Cambridge Satchel of course!
I was lucky enough to receive this bag on my birthday a few weeks ago and I've been carrying it around with me ever since. It is a 14" in the classic purple leather and I love it. It is everything I hoped it to be and on top of everything, my mother decided to engrave my initials on it. It does irritate me that there is a misplaced full stop but I guess it gives it character right? The only thing that I didn't really like about the bag is the buckles. I am a really lazy person and I get annoyed having to unbuckle and buckle my bag every time I try to get something out. Other then that minor flaw (which isn't even really a flaw), the bag is perfect for me and it is going to be featured a lot in future blogposts. Stay tuned for a What's In My Bag post!!

What do you think of Cambridge Satchels? What colour would you get? Bye. x

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  1. Cambridge Satchels are one of the best bags ever! If I could I'd probably get them in every colour possible xx


  2. I love those bags :D The really old ones in camden are so awesome :) xxx

  3. omg loooove this bag so much! such a classic - really want one! :)

  4. oooooh totes JELLY! love the bag, omgosh! x


  5. Aw wow, I'm a massive fan of the satchel, I don't like to leave home without mine, but I could be persuaded for this one!!

    If you have time please check out my blog:




  6. cambridge satchels are amazing! i would chose either black or brown, but the purple one you have looks great, too <3