Steamcream OBSESSED!

Left to Right: Steamcream in Con Amore, Big Ben and Freedom & Discipline
Happy Monday! My preliminary exams have begun and I am stressing out like a stress ball. But the grass is greener on the other side and I can't wait to finish!! Today I am going to share my Steamcream obsession with you guys!! Yay!
"STEAMCREAM represents the latest concept in skincare. Freshly handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face. The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat for your body and hands too."
If you have been reading my posts for a while now (good on ya!) you would remember seeing the Con Amore tin in my Current Favourite Beauty Items and I have accumulated two more tins which I am super excited about! I have been using this cream as an every day moisturiser for a few months now and I can say that this cream does great things to my skin. I have combination-oily skin but in the Winter months, I tend to have dry patches around my nose and cheeks. This cream is super hydrating and my skin feels so soft after I put it on. As I have mentioned before, this cream does have a soft lavender scent so it may not be suitable for those who have super sensitive skin.
I purchased my first tin on ASOS and trust me, it was so difficult for me to decide which tin I wanted. I decided to go on Steamcream's website to read more about the product and I came across the "London Collection Gift Set" which included two Steamcream tins for £12.50, which is equivalent to $17-$18 AUD! I was gobsmacked because I purchased my first tin for $20 and this time I got TWO tins for less than what I paid originally. Unfortunately when I was checking out, it revealed a whopping £15 shipping fee but luckily it was during the Olympics and the website was offering free shipping for any orders!!!! I can not guarantee you guys that there's going to be free shipping worldwide anytime soon but you could like them on Facebook and perhaps that day will come! 

The set that I have is no longer on sale but another gift set is available to purchase! I hope you liked my quick review/rave about Steamcreams and please comment if you've tried them out before! PEACE!

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  1. Wow, this sounds like an amazing product, I would love to try this!



  2. Loove it! So nice ♥


  3. Never heard of this brand before....but im seriously loving the packaging!!

  4. I have never heard of this
    concept of 'steamed cream'
    :P I think it feels very
    soft on the skin ^^
    The tin design is very
    cute as well!


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  6. Your blog is so cute! Definitely your newest follower! xx


  7. Great post !

    Cool review they look really good I will check it out :)

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  11. Love this & so happy I found your blog! <3

  12. This looks amazing.. the sound of it is so so lush!
    The packaging is adorable too.. luck duck you got one of the last ones :O :)



  13. I always see this Steamcream but I'm not sure what it does! Is it just like a body moisturiser? xo.

  14. The tubs are so cute!
    I just found your blog and followed you :)


  15. Thanks for the lovely post, your blog is very professional yet homely, fan and following! :)



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  17. cool product. I thought they were buttons in the first picture, lol


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