Cats in Clothes.

Happy Sunday afternoon/night my lovelies! I am returning back to school tomorrow as a Year 12, meaning it would officially be my last year of school and it scares me. A lot. So I did what any nervous, unprepared student would do and that is spend my last day of holidays reading past frankie magazines. NO REGRETS. I was reading issue 47 and I came across an article that made me leap out of my seat and yell "How have I not seen this before?!!". It is indeed about Cats in Clothes.
Picture Source: catsinclothes.org
"After using my oldest cat Megan as inspiration for a few creative projects, I felt very excited to begin a collection of different cats wearing different outfits that matched them somehow. I am figuratively sitting each cat down and emphasising their personalities through fine clothing before I begin their portrait." - Artist Heather Mattoon

From the minute I laid my eyes on these prints, I knew I had to write a blogpost about it. The splendour in combining two of my loves: cats and clothing (my url duh) is just mesmerising and Heather did it with taste and skill, creating perfect portraits that everyone must have.

Heather is currently selling these prints at her Etsy Store and there is even the option for a custom portrait of your own cat!! (see here) Also, if cats aren't really your thing she does draw dogs in clothes as well!

Please take some time to check Heather's store out and perhaps purchase some prints. I sure would be making an order sometime soon... Bye! x
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  1. Oh my friggin god. This is the best thing I've seen, like ever hahahaaa KITTTIIIIIIIIESSSSS <3 xx

  2. awwwww this is amazing!!! so perfect! :)
    i hope going back to school is ok, i'm sure your last year will be amazing - i know mine was!! <3

  3. Cats cats cats galorreeee! I just imagined all these cats walking in the streets dressed up lol weird. Great post :D



  4. Those cats in clothes has made my monday :) x


  5. Last year of school is always the best one! Trust me on that one! ;) and these kittens are soooo funny! I can actually imagine Bjork having all of her cats dressed like that xx


  6. yay! i'm an official kitten! hihihi, i love your blog so much! its so creative! x


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  8. Hahaha this is adorable. Think I need a troupe of kittens.

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  9. Thanks for the visit and lovely post on my blog!! I love yours too, following on bloglovin right now!!

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  10. That is too cute!

    Lana, xo

  11. Ahh even though I'm not a huge fan of cats they all look so sweet! Good luck at school; make the most of your final year:) xx
    If you have a chance please check out my blog it means a lot!

  12. omg so cute!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  13. I love these prints - Frankie is such a cool magazine I use to buy it always but haven't bothered lately I can't believe I missed out on this :)
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights