Lip Picks: Spring and Autumn!

 Oh hello there! This post is inspired by hannahyep's Lip Picks: Spring and Autumn video where she shared her favourite lip colours for people from both the northern and southern hemisphere. I thought it is such an ingenious idea since a lot of my readers are from the UK/US but I can't just blindside my Aussie readers and myself! Let's get straight into it!

For Fall
Maybelline Colorsensational Lipcolor in Plaza Pink, Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Over, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick, Revlon Matte Lipstick in Wine Not, Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 04 
Maybelline Colorsensational Lipcolor in Plaza Pink: This colour has unfortunately been discontinued but you can probably find it at a discounted makeup store. This is a pinky-mauve colour with purple undertones that is moisturising without any shimmer. I think it is quite a statement lipstick but a bit more subtle than a bold, bright lipstick. Perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn!

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Over: This is probably the only nude colour that doesn't washes me out! I don't think that it is a "mauve" colour but more of a peachy nude. It has a matte finish so it can be a bit drying but it's a charm with lip balm underneath. Nudes are suitable for all seasons but for me, I find it as a great Autumn lip colour.

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick: This colour has also been discontinued so I apologise in advance. Check it out on eBay perhaps? It is a soft corally-red colour with a lustre finish. It applies semi-opaque leaving the lips looking glossy and moisturised. I love this shade of lipstick because it is suitable for everyday wear, especially for the people who isn't brave enough to wear bright lipstick. Such a wearable coral-red. Perfect for fall (but it will work for Spring also!)

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Wine Not: If you didn't know already, I love my mattes. I have like 6 lipsticks from this range and I WANT MORE. This is a deep red, wine colour that screams Autumn. I feel like it can work with a lot of different skin tones because the undertone is quite neutral. It is matte again so it can be drying but it is worth it.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 04: Note: this lipstick is not suitable for everyday wear. Unless you are super bold and brave. It is a deep purple colour with cool undertones that is moisturising and long lasting at the same time. Even though I have never worn this colour out for everyday wear, I have worn it for drama performances and I love how it feels and look on the lips. I only wish that I was brave enough to wear it out. 

For Spring:
Korres Lip Butter in Quince, Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 20, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Candy Pink, Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Gum Drop, Topshop Lipstick in Charmed  
Korres Lip Butter in Quince: If you have not heard of/tried this product, then you should grab your purse and rush to a place that stocks Korres! It has easily been a quintessential makeup product for me because it is a tinted lip balm! Usually lip tints are super drying on the lips but this product is 2 products in one and the colour is the perfect rosy colour. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 20: This lipstick has recently joined my collection (Priceline is having a BOGOF deal! Get on it!) and it has already become one of my favourite colours. It is the perfect pink-toned fuchsia colour that is a statement lip for spring. It is in the great Rimmel lipstick formula that's hydrating and pigmented and I can immediately picture this lipstick with a floral crown in the Spring!

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Candy Pink: This is a blue-toned pink lipstick with a semi-opaque, lustre finish. At first when I purchased this lipstick, I didn't expect it to be so sheer but I have learnt to appreciate its sheerness. It is super-wearable and similar to Plaza Pink, it is a statement lip without being too bold. 

Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Gum Drop: Personally, I was never quite in the lip butter fan club because I prefer a matte texture over glossy, sheer lip colour. However, this pale lilac-pink colour was definitely not a colour to miss. I wouldn't call it a lipstick but more of a pigmented tinted lip balm that is extremely moisturising on the lips.

Topshop Lipstick in Charmed: This was a part of the Sisters of a New Moon collection so it is sadly not available anymore. The website describes it as a matte finish but it is definitely a velvety finish light orange colour. It is a soft coral that would be great for Spring because it is not as bold as some other corals but it acts as a stepping stone for the big guns. 

Hope you liked this blogpost or that you found it useful. I have an obsession with lipsticks so please leave in the comment below some of your favourites! x

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  1. The colors you picked are beautiful! Thanks fr this mini "review", I think it's really useful! :D

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  2. ...Im actually going to buy the Revlon Matte Lipstick in Wine Not tomorrow... i need it :D

    Lorna xxx

  3. great colors!!


  4. great picks... i've heard good things about kate moss' new rimmel range now too! :)

  5. I am obsessed with Quince, it's easily my favourite lip product I own!

  6. Great colors!
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  7. I'm a huge fan of the Revlon Colorburst Lipstick, cupcake is my favourite shade. It glides on so easily x

  8. I have the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipcolor in Plaza Pink and I OLVE it :) xxxx

  9. Great picks! I love the Korres lip butters they are such lovely colours!

    Sandrine xo


  10. I need to find a perfect wine shade!

    Lana, xo

  11. I love these lip colours, I really need to get some new ones for Autumn!xx

  12. Love this post! The shots are specific and great. I have one red lipstick from Origins that is my fav. Following you, follow back?



  13. you know i have an obssesion to with lipstick, nice review :)) I love all the coloue esp orange!
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  15. Wow, I love the look of the Rimmel's shade in 20!

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  16. Really need to update my lipstick stash.. thanks for sharing! x

  17. Great collection of lipsticks! =)



  18. All the colors look great! I luv the fact that all of these are pretty different from one another.

    Maybelline is one of my favorite brands. I've tried its Color Sensational lip color line & really liked Mandarine Fizz. Absolutely luv the way it smells. I'm also liking Topshop Lipstick in "charmed". I'd luv to try out this shade! How did it work for you? Let me know.