WANTED: UBIQ Fatima Kitty

As you can all probably tell from my blog name, I have a slight obsession with cats. One cat in particular has been with me ever since I was born (my mum is obsessed too) is Hello Kitty. At first when I saw that Vans had a collaboration with Hello Kitty, I nearly had a seizure in my chair but it was only two days ago when I have discovered these babies that have landed on the top of my wishlist:
Picture source: http://www.solestruck.com
I know. I was just as flabbergasted as you are. Aren't they just the most perfect shoes in all of mankind? I must admit that $255 is quite a steep price for a pair of canvas shoes with Hello Kitty on them but for me, it is worth every dollar.

From left to right: Leopard, Pink, Black and White
My personal favourite at the moment is definitely the leopard. It is so edgy and unique (not that these shoes itself aren't unique enough). To be honest, I would be happy to settle for any pair of these beautiful shoes. 

These shoes can be purchased at Solestruck for $254.95. Solestruck offers free shipping on any shoe, anywhere in the world so that's a pretty good deal for a person from down under. 

If you are going to get a pair, which colour would you choose?


  1. $253 thats crazy! haha, the white ones are cool not massively sure about the lepoard print!

  2. they look super cute! xx


  3. These are so cute!!

    xoxo Sarah

  4. wow I really love the first one!


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