How Feline!

CATS! CATS! CATS! Who doesn't like cats? (My apologies for all the people who are not on board with the whole cat-extravaganza. I promise you that it'll be my last cat-related post in a while) These soft, cuddly pets have been so widely recognised that they've been featured in multiple fashion labels. The cat trend immediately caught my eye because... well, let's just say I would gladly wear an "I ❤ CATS" T Shirt everyday to school if there was no uniform policy. Here's a list of feisty feline items that have caught my eye:
  1. Jeffrey Campbell Cat Tapestry Lita Boot (buy here) These shoes have left me speechless. Mr. Campbell, you have done it again. Probably one of the better variations of the prestigious litas. The neutral colours incorporated in the shoe makes it easy to pair with almost any look! They are also available in a dog version for all the dog lovers out there. 
  2. Loungefly Hello Smartie Wallet (buy here) What's a cat collage without special mentions to my favourite kitty? This Hello Kitty wallet is extremely versatile and adorable to have in your handbag. How can anyone not swoon over the red plaid bow and nerd-glasses with the tape in the middle? Every time you take your wallet out, I can guarantee you that you'll drown in compliments because everyone simply can't get enough of your wallet!
  3. Topshop Cat Bracelet (buy here) Must have bracelet for around AUD$15! This is good for layering with other bracelets because its not too chunky and is light on the arm. It is quite similar to the more favoured skull and eyeball bracelets but we all know that this bracelet is the crème de la crème of armcandy.
  4. ASOS Tort Cat Eye Sunglasses (buy here) Many high-end designers have been recently coming out with cat eye sunglasses, like Alexander WangYves Saint Laurent and Prada. They range from being extremely wearable to quite difficult to pull off. I was browsing on ASOS the other day and I came across sunglasses that are the epitome of the perfect cat eye sunglasses (a fraction of the cost too). The tortoise shell pattern is just the cherry on top. Suits all skin tones and face shapes! PERFECT!
  5. Stila Kitten Eyeshadow (buy here) Of course this had to be included. The eyeshadow is called Kitten and is the perfect all over the lid shade. When Stila said their eyeshadows are long-lasting, they mean it! It does not budge once it is on the lids and a little goes a long way because of its colour payoff (extremely easy to apply also). Great eyeshadow to add to your personal kits.
  6. Nixon the Time Teller Watch in Leopard (buy here) Leopard print is classic print that I feel would never go out of style. This watch can be the ultimate fashion accessory as it spices up any plain, boring outfit. If the rose gold mechanics and the 100m water resistant feature of the watch doesn't appeal to you, then I don't know what will.  
  7. Camilla and Marc Rainbow Leopard New English Jeans (buy here) Leopard print with a twist that would definitely make heads turn. The integration of this season's vibrant colours cobalt blue, hot pink and emerald green would definitely keep you up and ahead of the upcoming Spring/Summer fashion trends. 
  8. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats in Rich Fuchsia (buy here) If I was a millionaire, these would be mine already. As seen on Alexa Chung, these suede shoes can add a frisky touch to any outfit and still make you look like a fashion icon. Comes in a variety of colours ranging from navy blue and black to lime green and red velvet, but personally my favourite is definitely the fuchsia.
  9. Rimmel London Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Eye Liner in Black(buy here) A cat look wouldn't be finished without an eyeliner that can give you the perfect cat eye. This liquid eyeliner has been my favourite for many years because of its fine tip and quick drying formula. It does not smudge but can be easily removed with water or makeup remover. What more can you want?


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  8. I need and love those litas but all of my friends think they're horrible :( xx