Models Own Sale Haul

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I am actually not dressed up, but at home watching YouTube videos drinking grape juice because the heatwave is killing me on the inside and out. I do however have a Halloween party this weekend so I'll probably do a blogpost on that and show you my brilliant costume (lol not really)! Better late then never right?

Today something extremely exciting happened! My Models Own order finally arrived! I have been seeing hauls after hauls of people showing off their newly purchased nail polishes when the sale was first announced while I was sulking at the fact that I lived in Australia and it takes almost a month for it to ship here. They are all extremely beautiful colours and I can't wait to share them with you!

| Aqua Violet | Ibiza Mix | Purple Grey | Purple Blue | Moody Grey | 
| Indian Ocean | Lilac Dream | Beth's Blue | Balearic Cool | Top Turquoise | 
| Fuzzy Peach | Beach Party | Luis Lemon | Lemon Meringue | Jade Stone | 
Before I get heavily criticised for spending so much money on nail polish, I want to note that it was a 50% sale and shipping is quite steep from Models Own so I get more bang for my buck if I purchased in bulk. My favourite collections that I got my hands on would have to be the Beetle Juice and the Hed Kandi collections but I was also a bit gutted that I couldn't pick up any polishes from the Mirrorball and Wonderland collections. Oh well!

Seriously cannot wait to start playing around with these polishes! Hope everyone has a lovely Halloween. x
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  1. The 'Indian Ocean' shade looks so divine! You're so lucky to have caught the Models Own sale! :O

  2. oh wow so many nail polishes... love them all! you're so lucky!


  3. wow such a big collection, that will keep you going for a while :)


  4. I don't blame you for buying so many! I nearly got some stuff and I really wish I had now these are all sooo nice x

  5. Wow, what a haul! I've had a quick flick through your blog and I love it. Thanks for your comment on mine. I'm a new follower. If you like my blog, maybe follow back?

    Look forward to your next blogpost!


  6. I am so jealous of your collection. They look so nice all together (i love a bit of organization) :)

  7. Oh my God! I want all those nail polishes, they're absolutely fantastic! XO XO

    Ps. Let us know if you would like to follow each other?

  8. Woah you got a lot in the sale! I love all glitter polish and 'top turquoise'
    Daniella x


  9. Ahhhh so much love for Models Own, that is really buying in bulk tho :P!

    Check my blog out if you get a mo; vanityrail.blogspot.co.uk


  10. Great haul, love Models Own.