What's In My Bag? - Cambridge Satchel!

TGIF AGAIN! I am extremely fond of doing blogposts on Friday because it acts as a celebration for the end of another school week. The stress from school is starting to take its toll on me (my eye is twitching) so I must say I'm so grateful for the weekend, even though I'll probably spend the entire time catching up on blogging, watching youtube videos and sleeping. In my previous blogpost about my brand new spunky bag (see post here) so here's my post on the contents inside my bag!
NOTE: I do not carry this bag to school so the contents I show below would only be featured in my weekend bag. In my school bag, things tend to be more practical and sustainable (FOOD).

Free Postcards: I am probably known to my friends and family as "the hoarder" so when I see stands with postcards that scream my name, I can't help it but pick some up! This one was from Ben&Jerry's of course and the quote just stuck by me. Words of wisdom, my friend. 

Wallet: Everyone has a wallet. No biggie. My one is from Kate Spade and it is beautiful. I am one that needs a versatile wallet that can survive anything and I must say it's been 10 months and it's going strong. It has everything in it from my money, ID, club cards to my USB and wet wipes from KFC. Everyone needs to get their hands on one.

Deodorant: Everyone. Needs. Deodorant. You may think that your natural scent is rather dashing but please, do it for your fellow passengers sitting next to you in a heated bus. I use the Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant because it gets the job done and it's going to be a hot Spring/Summer in Australia. I don't want to be too stinky. 

Free Stickers: This goes hand in hand with the free postcards but I saw these in Glue and couldn't help it but pick them up also. I always have loved what Toms do and it would look lovely on my school folder, don't you think?

Bandages: Trust me when I say if I can carry an entire first aid kit in my bag, I would. I am possibly one of the most clumsy people so bandages always come in handy, whether it is me or others who need it. These are incredibly patriarchal ones that I picked up from Factorie from DFO for like 50c. BARGAIN!

Books: I live in a place where I would call "the middle of nowhere" so I spend a majority of time on public transportation. Even though my iPhone can be pretty amusing, books are what I gravitate towards in these situations. The book I am currently reading is Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami and it is ingenious. I can understand why Murakami is constantly quoted on Tumblr because he's expressions and story telling is just ... mesmerising and enlightening.

iPhone: I love my iPhone. No doubt about it (see previous post if you don't believe me). I wouldn't call myself hooked onto my phone but it seriously is so practical. I'm lost. GPS ON MY PHONE. I'm hungry.  URBANSPOON ON MY PHONE. I'm bored. INSTAGRAM ON MY PHONE. It has everything that you would possibly need in an emergency situation. Apple, you're brilliant.

Tissues: Must have. Not only do I suffer from Hayfever (Spring sucks), I have been prone to diseases and sickness for the whole year and it sucks. There's always going to be the one person that yells "does anyone have a tissue?" and I am glad to say that the person is me. And they take minimal space in the bag. There's simply no excuse to not carrying tissues.

Glasses/Sunglasses: I am incredibly short-sighted so my Raybans puts everything in focus. However on the odd day where I am wearing contacts, I would replace my glasses with a pair of sunglasses. I do not own a pair of prescription sunnies so I live of squinting at the sun on a hot summer's day. I love it.

Pen: You don't know when someone is going to approach you and ask for a signature. I always keep a pen with me incase I suddenly remember something and have to jot it down on my hand. This pen is from Kikki.K and I love it a lot. 

Lip Balm/Lip Tint: I don't carry any makeup in my bag because I find it unnecessary but I do carry lip balm. I can say I am less proned to dry lips than other people but I do like to keep my lips hydrated. On days when I look extremely sick (Time of Month), I like to put on my tinted lip balm (KORRES) to add some colour onto my face but on most normal days, my Burts Bees Lip Balm does wonders.

Gum/Mints/Cough Drops: Anticol has been in my bag for the past week or so because my throat has been a bi*ch if I may say so. Usually, I would carry the latest flavour of mints or chewing gum but cough drops is nice to keep in the bag also. I guess. I mean... it taste wonderful. (not really) 

Watch/Other Jewellery: I am very persistent with time so I always like carrying around with me my watch. It is from Marc by Marc Jacobs probably a trillion seasons ago but it is the watch for me. I usually tend to carry other loose bits of jewellery like rings or a bracelet incase I feel like accessorising my outfit? 

I hope that you've enjoyed this blogpost. Excuse me if my tenses/grammar is horrible as I am too tired for my brain to function regularly and I'll proofread the post in the morning. Goodnight/bye my lovely readers. x

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  1. I need tissues with me all the time too because i am 'blessed' with a constantly blocked nose and so everyone goes "I need some tissue" while looking directly at me......sighh ;)

  2. I love the satchel, it's such a gorgeous colour! xx


  3. i love your glasses!! :)

  4. Gorgeous bag! I like that Ben and Jerries postcard it made me giggle. I laughed quite a lot at this post its great :)
    Could you check out my blog too? I am a 17 year old too but quite literally on the other side of the world x

  5. Your satchel is a gorgeous colour!! I really want a Cambridge satchel :)
    Completely agree about the deodorant, tissues and lip balm!
    Daniella x


  6. i love those kind of posts :D

    xx m


  7. That satchel is so gorgeous! I love seeing pics of things that people carry in their bags. I'm so nosy haha x

  8. i've been wanting to try out a korres lip butter for quite sometime now. might have to, cause i keep seeing them everywhere!


  9. thats such a cute bag xx


  10. Love the clincher - your bag!!! And I love how your initials are imprinted on them. WOW!

    New follower here!

    The Misty Mom

  11. love these kind of posts - cute bag