Prom Season + URL Change!

Firstly I wanted to address my URL change. Yes, my blog was previously known as Cats and Clothing but I felt like it didn't truly represent what I wanted my blog to be about. I know my current blog name is still equally as immature, involving cats but I like it better (for now) so please feel free to check out my links below as all of them have changed also. :) Now onto the blogpost... 

Prom season is among us and for many, it equates to a process of finding the right dress, shoes and accessories. In Australia, prom is more commonly known as "Formal" and it is usually at the end of the year and since this is my final year of high school, this gives me quite a lot of time to get everything for the night of all nights. 

I have created three outfits that I would consider wearing it to my own formal and they range from a high price range that I will never be able to afford any item to an outfit that is within an affordable price range. I would also like to inform that they do not contain the stereotypical bejewelled-out vibrant prom dresses because I personally wouldn't prefer them and these outfits are catered to my own tastes and preferences. 
| Alexander McQueen Embellished Stretch-Crepe Gown | Mason Martin Margiela Gold-toned Cuffs | Alexander McQueen Bee Embroidered Honeycomb Knucklebox Clutch | Alexander McQueen Gold Wings Skull Cocktail Ring | Dolce & Gabbana The Illuminator Glow Illuminating Powder | Valentino Studded Leather and PVC Sandals |

I have always been in love with black and gold because it is just so classic and grand. Alexander McQueen is one of my favourite brands (as you can probably figure from above) and it would nice to rock this attire to formal. If i was a rich girl...

Fitting perfectly into the monochrome trend, I particularly like the pop of red lipstick! The dress is definitely more edgier than the classic old prom dress so it will have a wow factor and the iPhone case is the clear winner of this entire blog post. It is just so cute! 

 | Topshop Debutant Shoulder Dress | ASOS Limited Edition Bow Fine Bangle | ASOS Metal Frame Envelope Clutch Bag | ASOS Story Heels | ASOS Flower Hair Garland |

This is a more Spring-friendly outfit and I am particularly fond of floral crowns at the moment. Because the flowers are so colourful and the dress is also a gorgeous minty-blue colour, the accessories are in a toned down nude and gold. Yes, I noticed that all the accessories are from ASOS but that website is just a haven for affordable yet fashionable pieces. 



  1. Lovely combos! :)Love the 3rd one especially!


  2. I love these combinations! The second one is my favourite! Oh to have lots of money... :)

    I'm hosting my first giveaway on my blog, you should check it out :)

    Jess x


  3. i love the bag in the 3rd picture


  4. Just found your blog - love the header! :)


  5. The marc Jacobs phone case is adorable!


  6. No need much words; The Inbetweeners <3
    Great blog btw :)


  7. Nice items! i like the gold bracelets!
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  8. Great post! Fab read :)



  9. Great post! Love the blog! :)


    Kelouise xo


  10. great collages, love all the items, especially the shoes on number 2! xx
    Happy to be your newest follower!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  11. Love love love the last two! I really want the marc jacobs case :)

    Danielle xx
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  12. i am in love with the dress for the inbetweener! its so edgy! xx Rena
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  13. love the last one, that dress is gorgeous :)


  14. all of these outfits are unreal, so pretty and original! Lovely blog and I absolutely love the name because cats... x

  15. Great post lovely, some really good outfits picked there love them all. New follower here. I adore your page heading mega cute!! Look forward to reading more from you sweetie. Love Laura xxx A Scottish Lass

  16. first time visiting your page, but the "new" name is adorable + i love the banner
    these outfit boards are so cute (: good taste love!

    xo, shannon

  17. that alexander mcqueen dress is so elegant but sexy at the same time! so cute


  18. I already had my prom :) I love these combos though..

    Spicy Bananaz

  19. Cat at heart = coolest name for a blog, EVER.

    Love this post xoxo


  20. love the outfits, especially the first one with the gold accents <3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  21. love all the items you picked! the dress in the first collage is absolutely gorgeous and I die for those Valentino shoes!

  22. Looooove the top one!


  23. Great post! I love all your outfits, and I'm guessing whatever you wear to prom will be amazing cos you've got an amazing sense of style ;) After all, it's not so much about the individual pieces as it is about the wearer when it comes to fashion :)

    x Gi