Winter Blues

As my Winter break comes to a close, I pull each and every strand of hair and yell "WHY DIDN'T A BLOG MORE?" My final exams are fast approaching and I find myself rocking back and forth in a foetus position, stressing over the never-ending pile of work, scattered all over my desktop. I understand that others all over the world are dealing with an existential crisis similar to mine. What do I want to study at university? Who's going to pay for the bills once I have to move out? I'm turning 18 soon! I'm going to vote in the Federal election this year! I'm going to die, forever alone....... The million of thoughts running through my mind in combination with my severe flu symptoms (thanks for nothing, flu shot) leaves me pondering about things that should be the least of my worries and should not bother me. But yet here I am, over thinking about the tiniest of problems. I guess I have just been having Winter blues... 
| Topshop Acid Denim Pini Dress | UNIF Shredder Pack Backpack | Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Cut-out Boot in White | UNIF Sore Eyes Belt | Stussy Leatherette Five Panel Cap | LPD New York Team Slimane Tee | 

I have been loving all things monochromatic and denim lately. Because it is Winter, I felt like I have ditched the colours and have been more comfortable in a neutral colour scheme. The Coltranes are to die for. There's something about the crisp white that makes it a top must buy on my list. The whole jersey-style tees have been seen everywhere and anywhere and I particularly love the LPD New York one as it pays homage to the fabulous creative director of Saint Laurent Paris. Leather caps have been previously hyped over before but this studded bag is just so cool. No other words to describe it than cool. My fascination with eyes continue with this creepy belt, matched with a lovely acid wash dress from Topshop. My June/July wish list captured in a photo! 

Below, I have also attached a photo diary because I feel like I need to update you with my life considering how it's been a while since I've last posted.... 

iPhone Diary
Took a trip to Messina @ Surry Hills. Seriously, you would never understand the hype unless you taste it. Best ice cream (so far) that I've ever tasted. 
Being super cute with my good friend, Aneita on her birthday. 
Posing with my new five year old bestfriend, Kelly. Can I also mention that I am in love with her outfit?
Grocery runs with my friend who came to visit from overseas and a loser.  
What's a photo diary without a picture of my cat?
For more photos, please check out my Instagram because I would love it for you to follow me there and I can follow you back and we can be great friends! I'm sorry for my long absence but the bitch is back and be prepared for more blogposts coming your way. And I promise to you that I will stop being as angsty once my exams are over... Damn you high school. 

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